Illumineye DS Suite

Illumineye, from VXL Software, is a complete digital signage solution – combining feature-rich software with powerful dedicated media players.

Illumineye is a digital signage solution designed to make high-quality digital signage available to everyone. Illumineye is ideal for retail stores, airports, restaurants, leisure centres, hospitals, filling stations and many other uses.

Compact, energy-efficient, powerful media players

Designed and built by VXL, our Illumineye media players are powerful and reliable – designed to be managed from anywhere, operating 24x7 all year round.

Low power eco-friendly

Remote management

Digital audio

1080 full HD and 4K

Video wall support

Touch screen support

Compact, energy-efficient, powerful media players

VXL’s Illumineye media players are full-featured devices, used in hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.

  • Designed for continual use, with little or no maintenance
  • Energy-efficient, low-cost to run
  • Built for multimedia, with high-quality digital audio, support for 1080p full HD and 4K displays – and even video walls
  • Can be managed both locally and remotely
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Illumineye Creator software – sign-creation made easy. Very easy.

Illumineye DS Suite is a complete digital software solution that's inexpensive, powerful and very easy to use - delivering everything from creation to display.

Professional templates

Powerful formatting

Multimedia savvy

Live data feeds

Comprehensive scheduling

Remote management

Illumineye DS Suite is a powerful set of integrated applications which enable you to design, schedule, deploy and manage multimedia signage and presentations.

  • Everything you need – a complete solution
  • Easy to use – no design experience required
  • Support for text, images, audio, tickers, video, live data feeds, social media feeds, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office documents – and more
  • Interactivity, touch-screen and adaptive-campaign support
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Illumineye Creator software – sign-creation made easy. Very easy.