Solutions and markets

Illumineye digital signage software and media players are ideal for a wide range of information display, advertising and presentation uses across many sectors.

Transport hubs

Digital signage for airports, railway stations, bus terminals – and more

Designed to drive displays both large and small

Illumineye provides the ideal information display and advertising solution for all kinds of transportation hubs, terminals and concourses. With support for live data feeds and touch-screen displays, Illumineye can provide just-in-time transport information – and deliver powerful, high-resolution advertising.

Retail and leisure

Advertising and information display for shopping malls, stores and leisure centres

Advertising, point-of-sale and interactive displays

Multimedia advertising billboards, interactive information and point-of-sale displays – just some of the many retail applications for Illumineye digital signage software and media players. With sophisticated scheduling options, adaptive campaigns and Bluecasting, Illumineye delivers what you want, when you want it.

Restaurants and fast food

Created for the most demanding of food-retail environments

Food and drink signage, offers and point-of-sale

The heat and moisture of quick-service restaurants and food and drink businesses create notoriously challenging environments for display technologies. VXL’s Illumineye media players are built to take this in their stride – with no moving parts and generating little heat, our media players remain dependable no matter how busy the organisation.

Public-service buildings

Hospitals, healthcare centres, community centres and colleges

Information videos, public-service announcements and more

Displaying timely information, public-service advertisements and announcements and much more, Illumineye is perfect for public-service buildings. Our low-maintenance, low-power media players keep running costs down, while our powerful media-creation software is so easy to use that almost anyone can create stunning presentations – from one of our professional templates, or templates you create yourself – quickly and simply.

Businesses of all sizes

Designed for businesses both large and small

An infinite range of uses

Digital signage has long been the preserve of the larger business – but no more. Illumineye’s competitive prices make digital advertising and information display affordable to businesses of all sizes, while our easy-to-use software means that virtually anyone can create, deploy and manage digital billboards – without design or technical skills.